Drive this blog until Morrison Hotel ends, then start a fight.

I was told by Phil the other day that I think about blogging way more than any other topic. I'd like to think that it's because I'm interested in content creation because of my job.

But I think it's turned into a hobby. Maybe even some strange variant of OCD. An obsession that somehow creates the illusion of accomplishment out of constantly spinning wheels in the mud.

The problem is that this has become a tumblog. Something a bit like Daring Fireball, minus the consistency, interestingness or $500,000 per year income.

But it was WORKING! Posting was easy and ideas were free flowing from the pipes of the Internet. The only problem is that when I started to get the itch to actually start writing again, I didn't have anywhere to do it. So the solution, obviously, was to create a second blog. All I needed was a name. That should be easy enough, right? The only reason that naming bands and products is next to impossible is because of the other people that have to buy into it. Right? Surely a week would be enough time to come up with something great.


Well it's been over a month. I haven't found anything that feels right. I can't say for sure that I've figured anything out. All I am sure of is that I'm exhausted from trying so hard to make it work.

There was an old Kids in the Hall sketch about being a Doors fan that advised stealing a car, driving west until the 8-track of Morrison Hotel ends, and then getting into a fight.

I think my 8-track has just run out. So it's time to get out, take a look at where we are, and see if there's anyone out there to accuse of dubstep fandom.